Haze Vaporizer Cleaning Kit

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Vaporizer cleaning kit is great for your Haze Vaporizer as well as for any other brand vape you may own since it uses all organic powder for creating a custom solution with coconut based ingredients, keeping your unit clean, fresh and operate at optimum levels.

Vaporizer cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your Haze Vaporizer and Haze accessories running effectively. Haze is an sophisticated portable vaporizer and therefore this cleaning kit is crucial for protecting your investment. These are all organic solutions for a healthy environment and session. The Haze Vaporizer Cleaning Kit is designed to include everything you need for many cleaning sessions. If you own other brands, you can still keep them clean with our totally organic cleaning solution. The cleaning solution powder can also be purchased individually.


Why use a vaporizer cleaning kit?

Vaporizers like any other electronic device, require maintenance. Since these devices are designed to extract essential oils from plant material, they tend to build resin inside over a period of time. Using a cleaning solution will prolong the life span of your device while ensuring the temperature regulation and air circulation remain at the top of their performance charts. What is important in a cleaning kit is the material that it uses. Haze vape cleaning kit uses all tools that are designed to assist with the process while the cleaning powder is made of all organic material which is great for sensitive parts like silicone, glass and metal. It also provides a fresh smell to your vaporizer components.


How often do I need to clean my vaporizer

The vaporizers should be kept clean. Ideally you should do a quick cleaning after every 3-4 sessions. More frequent cleaning will also shorten your total time spent on maintenance. The most critical parts to clean:

  • Air path
  • Mouthpieces
  • Air intake and out holes
  • Chamber seals and around the chambers

All other areas are for cosmetics and it will ensure that you will have a good looking discreet vaporizer which will last a long time.

Whats Included In the Kit?
1 x Haze Glass Cleaning/Measuring Jar

1 x Haze Cleaning Powder

1 x Haze Cleaning Sticks (4 pack)

3 x ISO Packs

1 x Haze Easy Load Tool

1x Haze Cleaning Tool

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