Top 5 Portable Vaporizers of 2024

Last updated on June 19th, 2024

Choosing the right vaporizer involves considering multiple factors, such as performance, price, portability, and user experience. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced user, a reliable portable vaporizer can make all the difference in your sessions.

In this guide, we've compiled our top picks for portable vaporizers, focusing on models that offer superior vapor quality, ease of use, and convenient features. These vaporizers combine power and portability, making them ideal for users who value both discretion and performance. Explore our list of the Top 5 Portable Vaporizers available in 2024.

1. Pax Plus

Taking the top spot on our list this year is the Pax Plus from PAX Labs, renowned for its sleek, Apple-esque design and advanced features. This latest iteration surpasses its predecessor, the Pax 3, with notable enhancements in both functionality and performance.

Pax Plus Onyx

Tailored Vaping Modes

The Pax Plus offers four customizable modes – Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost – ensuring an optimal vapor experience without the need for a smartphone app. Measuring just 9.8cm x 3.1cm x 2.2cm, this compact device fits easily into any pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go use. With a rapid heat-up time near 20 seconds and a temperature range of 130°C to 202°C, it’s always ready when you are. Additionally, haptic feedback alerts you when it reaches your desired temperature.

Ultimate Versatility and Capacity

Versatility is another strong suit of the Pax Plus, as it supports both dry herbs and concentrates. The oven boasts a capacity of up to 0.5 grams. The improved 3D oven screen and multi-tool make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a fresh and enjoyable vaping experience every time. Additionally, the Pax Plus boasts an extended battery life of up to 2.5 hours, a significant improvement over its predecessor.

PAX Plus Alternate Image

Sleek and Stylish

Design-wise, PAX Labs continues to impress with its sleek aesthetic. The Pax Plus now features larger LED petals, which display the current experience mode, and a soft matte coating for enhanced grip and style. Available in four stylish colors – Onyx, Sage, Periwinkle, and Elderberry – the Pax Plus is not just an upgrade but a refined evolution of the Pax series.

Advanced Technology

The Pax Plus integrates advanced technology to enhance your vaping sessions. The device uses motion-sensing technology to optimize battery usage and automatically enter standby mode when not in use, preserving battery life. Additionally, the lip-sensing technology adjusts the temperature of the oven while you are inhaling, providing consistent vapor quality and extending the lifespan of your material.


The Pax Plus by PAX Labs delivers unmatched convenience, versatility, and performance. With its refined features, stylish design, and advanced technology, the Pax Plus stands out as the ultimate choice for discerning users seeking a premium vaping experience on the go. In 2024, the Pax Plus truly sets a new standard in the world of vaporizers.


2. Storz & Bickel Venty

Securing the second spot on our list is the Storz & Bickel Venty, known for its exceptional vapor quality and robust features. This vaporizer builds upon the legacy of Storz & Bickel's high standards, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.

Storz and Bickel Venty Open

Hybrid Heating System

The Venty features a unique hybrid convection/conduction heating system that ensures efficient and even heating of your dry herbs. With dimensions of 15.7 cm x 5.5 cm x 3.7 cm, the Venty is comfortably portable while maintaining a substantial presence in hand. It heats up in just 20 seconds—the fastest of any Storz & Bickel product—allowing for quick and convenient sessions.

Compact Yet Powerful

A standout feature of the Venty is its adjustable airflow, which lets you customize your vapor experience to your preference. The airflow can reach up to 20 liters per minute, ensuring smooth and effortless draws. The Venty also boasts a precise temperature control range of 40°C to 210°C, giving you full command over your sessions. The oven can be loosely filled with 0.25 grams of herb, providing ample capacity for your vaping needs.

Storz and Bickel Venty Alternate Image

Extended Battery Life

Battery life is another highlight, with the Venty powered by dual integrated 18650 batteries, ensuring extended use without frequent recharges. The device typically lasts for around an hour of continuous use or 10 plus bowls per charge, and the battery meter is notably accurate, helping you manage your sessions effectively. Additionally, the Venty recharges very quickly, minimizing downtime. The replaceable battery design further ensures you can keep vaping without interruptions.

Robust and Modern Design

Design-wise, the Venty retains the signature robust build of Storz & Bickel devices while introducing modern enhancements. Its ergonomic design includes a large display for easy monitoring and control of temperature and airflow settings. However, it's important to note that the Venty is designed exclusively for dry herb use and does not support concentrates.


The Storz & Bickel Venty stands out with its innovative features, robust build, and exceptional vapor quality. For users seeking a top-tier portable vaporizer with customizable settings, quick heat-up times, and high durability, the Venty is a stellar choice. Released in October 2023, the Venty has quickly upheld high standards in the portable vaporizer market.


3. Arizer Solo III 

Taking the third spot on our list is the Arizer Solo 3, the latest innovation from the renowned Canadian brand Arizer. This vaporizer builds upon the success of its predecessors with significant improvements in size, performance, and usability.

Arizer Solo III (3)

Unmatched Vapor Quality

The Arizer Solo 3 features a larger heater and bigger glass aroma tubes, enhancing its capacity for dry herbs and delivering longer, more flavorful sessions. The precise temperature control, displayed on an LED screen, allows you to dial in the perfect settings for a customized vaping experience. With a heat-up time of just 5 to 15 seconds and a temperature range of 50°C to 220°C (122°F to 428°F), it’s ready to provide excellent vapor quality in no time.

Hybrid Heating System

The Solo 3 retains the sleek, sophisticated look of previous models but is slightly larger to accommodate its enhanced capabilities. The device features a hybrid heating system (80% convection, 20% conduction) and glass vapor paths that ensure pure and tasty vapor with every draw. The new XL glass pod system can hold up to 0.6 grams of dry herb, double the capacity of the original Solo, making it ideal for longer sessions at home.

Arizer Solo III (3) Oven

Versatile Session Modes

One of the standout features of the Solo 3 is its Session Mode, which is tailored to extract the full spectrum of flavors and terpenes from premium dry herbs. This mode offers precise temperature adjustments in increments of 1 and 10 degrees, along with three programmable presets for easy temperature stepping.

For those who prefer quick hits, the On Demand Mode is perfect, allowing you to choose from five heat levels and customize your draw time, providing the flexibility for rapid or extended sessions.

Intense Vapor Production

Notably, the Arizer Solo 3 boasts one of the strongest vapors among portable vaporizers, making it one of the hardest hitters in the market. This ensures an intense and satisfying vaping experience that rivals even some desktop units.

Impressive Battery Life

Battery life is another highlight, with the Solo 3 offering up to 3 hours of continuous use on a single charge, thanks to its 3400 mAh battery. USB-C charging ensures you can quickly recharge and get back to your sessions without much downtime.


The Arizer Solo 3 stands out for its robust performance, precise temperature control, and excellent vapor quality. With improved design and features, it’s a top choice for users seeking a powerful and reliable portable vaporizer. This latest model from Arizer offers longer, more flavorful sessions and extended battery life, making it perfect for those who prioritize both quality and convenience. Its exceptionally strong vapor output, combined with versatile Session and On Demand modes, sets it apart as one of the hardest hitters in the portable vape space, ensuring an intense and satisfying experience every time.


4. Storz & Bickel Mighty+

Securing the fourth spot on our list is the Mighty+ from Storz and Bickel, a German-engineered powerhouse known for its exceptional build quality and vapor production. This vaporizer continues the legacy of its predecessor, the Mighty, with several significant upgrades that enhance both performance and user experience.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The Mighty+ is renowned for its robust hybrid heating system, which combines convection and conduction to deliver dense, flavorful vapor. With an improved ceramic-coated heating chamber, the device ensures even heat distribution and enhances the purity of the vapor. The Mighty+ heats up efficiently, reaching optimal temperatures in around 60 seconds.

Temperature Control

Users can precisely control the temperature with an easy-to-read LED display and intuitive buttons. The Mighty+ features a wide temperature range of 40°C to 210°C (104°F to 410°F), allowing for a highly customizable vaping experience. The device also includes a Superboost function, which rapidly increases the temperature by 15°C for 90 seconds, at the push of a button. This is a great feature for those that like to cover a wide temperature range during their session.

Storz and Bickel Mighty+ Alternate Image

Design and Portability

While slightly larger than some other portable vaporizers, the Mighty+ offers unparalleled performance in a durable, ergonomic design. The device's new design includes bottom fins for better stability and an integrated stand, making it easier to use on any surface.

Battery Life and Charging

The Mighty+ is equipped with dual lithium-ion batteries, providing up to 90 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. It features USB-C charging with Supercharge functionality, which allows the device to reach 80% battery capacity in just 40 minutes. This ensures minimal downtime between sessions.

User Experience

The Mighty+ is designed for ease of use, with a simple one-button operation and haptic feedback to indicate when the device is ready. It also features an upgraded cooling unit that ensures a smooth, enjoyable draw every time.


The Mighty+ by Storz and Bickel stands out for its exceptional build quality, precise temperature control, and superior vapor production. This vaporizer is perfect for users seeking a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use portable device. Its advanced features, including the hybrid heating system, Superboost function, and rapid USB-C charging, make it a top choice for those who prioritize performance and convenience. The Mighty+ continues to set the standard for portable vaporizers, providing an intense and satisfying experience with every use.


5. XMAX Starry V4

The XMAX Starry V4 is a budget-friendly yet feature-rich portable vaporizer, ideal for both beginners and experienced users looking for an efficient and easy-to-use device.

XMAX Starry V4 Black

Sleek and Portable Design

The Starry V4 features a sleek, compact design, making it highly portable. It includes a 360° rotating zirconium mouthpiece, which is durable and hygienic. Weighing in at 137 grams, it’s easy to carry in a pocket or small bag for on-the-go vaping.

Quick Performance and Heating

The Starry V4 heats up between 25 and 35 seconds, allowing for quick sessions. It offers a full temperature spectrum ranging from 212°F to 464°F, enabling users to customize their sessions for optimal flavor and vapor production. The device utilizes a conduction heating system and an adjustable airflow slider to enhance the vaping experience.

XMAX Starry V4 Flat

Reliable Battery and Fast Charging

The Starry V4 comes with a replaceable 18650 battery system, providing around 90 minutes of continuous use. The device charges via USB-C, with a full charge taking approximately 90 minutes. The removable battery feature is particularly useful for extended sessions or outdoor adventures, as you can easily swap out a dead battery for a fully charged one.

User-Friendly Features

The Starry V4 includes a convenient OLED display that shows battery life, current and set temperatures, and session timers. The display can be flipped for easy reading regardless of hand preference. The vaporizer also features a dosing capsule, making it convenient to pre-load your herbs and maintain a clean chamber.

Solid Vapor Quality

The Starry V4 delivers solid vapor quality, especially for its price range. While it may not match the performance of higher-end models, it provides a satisfying experience with smooth and flavorful vapor.


The XMAX Starry V4 is a versatile and affordable option for those looking to explore the world of dry herb vaporizers without breaking the bank. Its combination of portability, user-friendly features, and solid performance makes it a great choice for both new and experienced vapers.


Choosing the right portable vaporizer can significantly enhance your vaping experience, whether you're a seasoned user or just starting. Our top 5 portable vaporizers list showcases the best options available today, each excelling in performance, design, and convenience.

  • PAX Plus: Renowned for its sleek design, customizable modes, and versatility, supporting both dry herbs and concentrates.
  • Storz & Bickel Venty: Impresses with its hybrid heating system, customizable airflow, and robust build for exceptional vapor quality.
  • Arizer Solo 3: Offers precise temperature control, strong vapor output, and versatile session modes with extended battery life.
  • Storz & Bickel Mighty+: Provides unparalleled performance with hybrid heating, quick heat-up, and advanced features like Superboost and rapid USB-C charging.
  • XMAX Starry V4: A budget-friendly option with quick heat-up, solid vapor quality, and user-friendly features, ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.

Each of these vaporizers offers unique strengths, catering to different preferences and needs. Explore these options to find the perfect device that suits your lifestyle and enjoy a premium vaping experience wherever you go.