Arizer Solo 2 Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Today we're taking a peek at the Arizer Solo 2, which is a portable vaporizer made by Arizer. It's a much improved version of the original Solo and is definitely worth checking out..

Update for 2021: We still think the Solo 2 is one of the best vaporizers available, especially for the price. The performance is fantastic, it's easy to clean and the battery lasts for a long time - what more could you want?


  • Good airflow/vapor
  • Glass vapor path
  • No stirring required
  • Super easy to clean
  • Battery life
  • Pass-through charging
  • Nice display
  • Warranty/company

Typical Price: $319.99

  • Herb in mouth
  • Only AC charging
  • No portable battery support
  • Breakable glass

Overall I've absolutely adored my time with the Arizer Solo 2. I think it's definitely one of the best vaporizers on the market right now at a fair price point. If you want an at-home portable vaporizer, it would be hard to tell you to not get the Solo 2. The Mighty might be a better vaporizer because there's more convection and there's also no glass piece which makes it a little bit more portable. The Firefly 2+ maybe has a little bit better flavour, but overall, if you're just looking for a solid at home portable vaporizer, the Solo 2 is definitely the way to go.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Arizer solo 2 in the box

1 x Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
1 x Short Straight Glass Stem
1 x Long Straight Glass stem
1 x Potpourri Glass Bowl
2 x Stem Caps
1 x Stir Tool
1 x AC battery charger
1 x Optional Mesh Screen Pack
1 x Instructions / Manual

Arizer Solo 2 Review

✅ Good Airflow/Vapor

Arizer solo 2 airflow

The first thing that I've found is it has really good airflow and vapor production. So you can get nice vapor from it without having to try too hard. That's unlike the Firefly 2+ which is a little bit tricky to use. I've found that right away, right out into the box, it's pretty simple. You can give it to a friend and they understand how to use it. You just breathe through that side and get it up to temperature.

✅ Glass Vapor Path

The second thing that I really like is that it has an all glass vapor path. There are almost no other portable vaporizers with an all glass vapor path, other than Arizer. It has fantastic flavour so even though it's not fully convection, it does have really, really nice flavour from the herb due to that all glass favorite path. I’ll personally take a glass vapor path over plastic any day.

    ✅ No Stirring Required

    The third thing that I found is that it requires no stirring. A lot of other vaporizers you might need to stir the bowl halfway through, or multiple times throughout your sessions. The Solo, I find the herb comes out very, very even brown. Which means that you're getting a lot of vapor from the herb and it makes it quite efficient. Just pack the bowl and let it rip!

    ✅ Super Easy To Clean

    Arizer solo 2 easy to clean

    This thing is really easy to clean. You just put the stem in some rubbing alcohol for a little bit, maybe an hour, and then rinse it with hot water, brush out the bowl, maybe rub it with the ISO on a Q-tip and then you're good to go. It's really low maintenance and it's a breeze to clean. And that is a big deal because I've used other vaporizers that take a long time to clean (looking at your Mighty) and it's a bit of a nuisance. The more you maintain and clean it, the longer that the vaporizer will last and the better it’ll work. 

    ✅ Battery Life

    The fifth thing that I love about the Arizer Solo 2 is the battery life. The battery lasts around three hours of use and that’s not a joke. A lot of other vaporizers, especially from China, they'll say it lasts over an hour when it really lasts half an hour. Arizer is true to their word and this lasts a long, long time. I'll use it all day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and only then is the battery starting to waver. I personally find that a huge plus for the Solo 2 because I hate having to charge half way through a session and wait for it to boot up.

    ✅ Pass-Through Charging

    The sixth thing is that it features pass-through charging. Which means that you can use the Solo 2 while it's charging. Even if you run out of juice part way through a session, just plug it in for 20 minutes and then you're good to go with the charging. Some other vaporizers take between 2-4 hours before they’re usable if they’re out of battery.

    ✅ Nice Display

    Arizer Solo 2 display

    The seventh thing that I really like about it is the display. You can do everything right on the display. You can change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You can change the sound settings. You can change how long the auto shutoff is. And, that's something you can't find in a lot of other vaporizers. It's really simple to use. You don't need an app or anything like that. It's really, really, really great. I do love the display on this, and it makes a lot of sense and it's intuitive. Arizer did a great job with it.

    ✅ Great Company

    We've been selling Arizer products for quite a while now, and we've had to deal with them. They're based in Canada and offer fantastic support on their products. If you have a warranty problem, it's really simple to get it done. And they're very helpful if you have a support issue.. Usually when I email Arizer they get back to me within an hour and our customers have found the same thing. The same thing can’t be said for every other vaporizer company!

    ❌ Herb In Mouth

    The first con that I've found with the Arizer Solo 2 is that I do get a little herb in my mouth. After breathing in, because there's no screen there, it's all glass, which is nice, but that does mean that a little bit of herb can get through there because it's not a fine screen. They do sell screens (and provide some in the box) that you can use if you want. I don't mind a little bit of herb in my mouth though—it doesn't really ruin my experience. It’s not a big deal.

    ❌ Only AC Charging

    Arizer solo 2 AC charging

    Another con that I found is that the Solo 2 only has AC charging. Sometimes I find myself in situations where USB charging is nice… maybe you’re at a friend’s house and you forget your charger at home. AC charging is faster though and allows for pass-through charging though so I’m willing to take the trade here.

     No Portable Battery Support

    This is directly related to the AC charging. Since you can’t use USB, most portable chargers can’t support the Solo 2. That means that if you wanted to use this for a long trip away, it's maybe not the best vaporizer for that. I personally go camping quite a bit which means I’ll bring a different vaporizer but if you’re using it at home this isn’t an issue.

     Breakable Glass

    The final con I’ve found with the Arizer Solo 2 is that the glass can break. Although the glass piece is really good and gives it a nice flavour, they are made of glass. We have people coming to us all the time having to replace them or saying, "I just broke it out of the box because it dropped on the floor." Unfortunately glass pieces aren't covered under warranty.

    That's a little bit annoying, but you've got to understand that Arizer can’t replace glass for everyone. Just get ready to replace these every so often, and as long as you're not a huge klutz, it's not a big problem. They're pretty durable glass. It's not like they just break on touch, you’ve got to drop it or bang it up.

    How to use the Arizer Solo 2

    Using the Solo 2 is actually quite easy. Grind your herb to a medium grind, not too fine. Then you can take the stem off and pack the bottom of it with herb. I do it right from inside of the grinder which keeps things tidy. You don't want to pack it too tight. Then pop the glass stem on to the vaporizer itself.

    Loading Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

    Now hold the home button and up button for 6 seconds. Then it turns on a little happy face and will display the temperature. Press either the up or down button for it to start heating up to your desired temp. Wait for it to hit the temperature of your choice and you’re ready to go!

    Arizer Solo 2 loading screen

    Then pull from the unit. The first pull I never get quite as much as the other ones. You can't expect the same amount of visible vapor smoke as you do when you're smoking, but you should get a lot of visible vapor on the second, third, etc. pull. 

    You can change all of the settings on the Solo 2 itself including F/C, audio and auto shut-off.

      How to clean the Arizer Solo 2

      Now I'll show you how to clean the Arizer Solo 2. Every time you finish using it, you should brush out the bowl so don't keep spent bowls in the glass piece. That’s just good maintenance that will keep them aroma tubes cleaner longer.

      arizer solo 2 dirty

      The glass aroma tubes get dirty with use but they’re very easy to clean. Overall I’d say it's one of the easier vaporizers to clean. All you need to do is pour some isopropyl alcohol into a bowl or cup. Cover the aroma tube for about an hour or two in the isopropyl alcohol. Then just run it under hot water to clean off the alcohol, wait for it to dry and you’re good to go!

      Other than that, the bowl gets a little bit dirty. You can grab Q-tip and then just rub the inside of it with iso alcohol. Just don’t get too much alcohol inside of the heating chamber, you can even do it upside down to ensure none goes inside.

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