About Us

We're a local Australian company who is extremely passionate about vaporizers and is also tired of the BS that comes with buying online. We base our service off of 3 main principals:

1. We only sell authentic vaporizers. Every brand name vaporizer sold here is warranty approved and will come delivered exactly how you imagine. There's no surprises, except for maybe an extra present we throw in the boxes every so often. 

2. We stock all of our vaporizers in Australia! Almost all of the other vaporizer companies you see out there dropship their product to you from a warehouse they've never seen in the States (or China). This means that you have to foot the import bill and surprise tax bill when it gets to your home - NOT cool. 

3. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Your order will be shipped out as soon as possible.. so it gets to you as soon as possible. If you have any issues just give us a call or email and we'll get it sorted, we promise.

Now go ahead and get vaped.