Boundless jumped on to the vaporizer scene in 2016 with the Boundless CF. It was well received as an affordable vaporizer that actually worked quite well. Until that point, cheap vaporizers didn't work as advertised. From then on they've released a number of products that don't break the bank, deliver nice vapor and are easy to use.

Official Boundless Partner is an official business partner of Boundless, and is fully authorized to distribute genuine Boundless products in Australia. We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure to offer warranties for all of our products. 

Why Choose Boundless?

There are two main reasons to choose Boundless over the other vaporizers on the market:

1. If you're new to vaporizing and want something affordable. Boundless vaporizers deliver the vapor you want in a nice little package. They're simple to use, relatively easy to clean and function as advertised. It's a great starting point for anyone looking to make the switch.

2. If you have a desktop unit and want something more portable to carry around. They make great portable options that are nice to use as a secondary vaporizer. Bring them to on a walk, to the park, etc. - you get the idea.

Not sure which one to pick? We recommend the Boundless CF if you'd like something smaller and more portable. Otherwise check out the Boundless CFX if you want a full featured screen to choose your exact temperature.

If you're not yet sold on Boundless, check out our list of the best vaporizers to learn more.