Arizer has been a leader in vaporizers and vaporizing technology for over a decade now. They've created an incredible heating system that vaporizes to perfection. Arizer's trademark is using an all-glass vapor path for all of their vaporizers. Their products are designed and made in Canada.

Official Arizer Partner is an official business partner of Arizer, and is fully authorized to distribute genuine Arizer products in Australia. We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure to offer warranties for all of our products. 

Why Choose Arizer?

Arizer has been a pioneer when it comes to vaporizing. They've been developing their heating technology for a long time now and it's gotten them a lot of happy customers. Their vaporizers are generally easy to use and deliver some great vapor. 

Not only do they perform very well, but they back it up with great customer support. If there's an issue with an Arizer product they are quick to help fix or replace. 

Not sure which one to pick? We recommend the Arizer Solo 2 for anybody looking for a portable vaporizer and the Arizer Extreme Q for anybody looking for a desktop vaporizer.

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