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Product Features

  • Simple and sleek design that G Pen's famous for
  • "Pen" style vaporizer that vaporizes and doesn't combust the herb
  • Variable, precise, temperature control (320° F, 380° F, 420° F)
  • Relatively large chamber that can fit .6 grams
  • Super portable and can be thrown in your pocket
  • Easy to clean - just clean it out with the included G Cleaning Brush regularly
  • 3 minute automatic shut-off in case you forget

Grenco Science®, the creator of the famous G Pen, is back with something special – their first vaporizer designed specifically for herbs.

Although the G Pro isnt a groundbreaking vaporizer it has a simple, sleek look that will definitely appeal to a lot of people. The vapor quality is weak but what do you expect from such a small vape?

Its super easy to use: just load it up and click the single button to turn it on. Theres also variable temperature control so you can choose between 320° F with the red indicator, 380° F with the green indicator and 420° F with the blue indicator.

Recommended for

Somebody looking for a super sleek, cheap, portable vaporizer. The mouthpiece does get hot after prolonged use and the vapor quality is sub-par (to say the least) but it is cheap and it has a sleek profile.

How It's Unique

Im not sure whether to consider this a “pen” but it has a sleek pen-like look. What really makes it different is that all other “pen” vaporizers dont actually vaporize the herb; they combust it. The G Pro vaporizes herb which is a step in the right direction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Very nice

Very nice

Works very well

Works very well

works great . Love it!

works great . Love it!

First turning the G pro

First turning the G pro in was a little confusing with the 5 times, other than that it's wonderful.

Sorry not to have respond

Sorry not to have respond earlier. I was not as pleased with it as I had thought. I only get about two or three decent puffs and it shuts off. It's just sitting in the box. Sorry

Battery life short. Have to

Battery life short. Have to heat up twice for a good amount of vapor. (12345 - wait - self shut off - 12345 - wait - shutoff - 12345 - smoke) it's now somewhere in my car because I went back to rolling. Very convenient if you want to smoke and be high in discretion. Smooth pull if you keep it clean. Excellent look to it. Different mouth pieces are key. The charger could be attached to an iPhone wall plug but if you don't have one well then you're shit out of luck. I have to either charge my phone of vape. All in all. If it were 50$ I'd say do it, not worth the price. Maybe spend more and get a high-end one.

Great product and even better

Great product and even better service

I love the look of

I love the look of the device and the simple instructions that come with it but am having extreme difficulty getting top of device off. I've had to pull it with my teeth which has left scratches in the plastic and I fear that it will eventually break. Also I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't get a proper pull off of it. I've tried all 3 temperature settings and tried to use less or more material when loading device but I end of giving up.

Any advice??? I want to LOVE this product :)

Fast posting was a nice

Fast posting was a nice surprise! Very happy with the quality of the product at this price point. thanks!


Seems to actually vape!! Great buy especially for the price!!


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