DynaVap OmniVong XL Vaporizer

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The OmniVong XL is DynaVap's high end flame powered vaporizer with variable airflow and a beautiful design.

DynaVap OmniVong XL Description

If you're looking for a high performing, flame powered vaporizer that fits in your pocket, The OmniVong XL should be your top choice. It delivers outstanding vapor and lets you connect directly to your 14mm adapter.

No batteries necessary

While almost all vaporizers rely on an on-board or externally rechargeable battery in order to heat up and keep you vaping, the innovative DynaVap Omnivong XL introduces an element of surprise, convenience and serious nostalgia by relying on a butane/torch lighter or a conventional lighter flame in order to heat up the contents of its titanium chamber. This makes it ideal for outdoor situations like camping and hiking and certainly brings back some of the features of smoking that you might have been missing since you chose this healthier alternative.

Heats up in seconds

Now, while a battery powered dry herb vape might require in excess of a minute for the element to heat up the chamber contents to temp, the DynaVap Omnivong XL offers the efficiency of immediate flame to heat up your dry herb in seconds. All you have to do is twist the tip of your Omnivong XL in the lighter flame and an internal, mechanical heat indicator will generate a clicking sound when your chamber is hot enough for you to take a hit. You will also hear a second click, when that chamber cools to below temp, indicating that it’s time for you to apply that flame again.

OmniVap airflow adjustment

Despite its slender and easily concealable design, the DynaVap OmniVong XL allows for easy and smooth airflow control. There’s no need to risk touching the warm end of the OmniVong XL, however, as a simple twist of this vaporizer’s mouthpiece will open or restrict your airflow as much as is required. Resulting in  a slight cooling or heating of your vapor, as well as changes in the depth of flavor, based on preference.

Fits 14mm adapters

Another cool feature of the versatile DynaVap Omnivong XL dry herb and wax vaporizer is its compatibility with 14mm adapters. This feature allows for quick and tool-less attachment to and use with your favourite water-pipe or other device…hence the name, OmniVONG. We know that familiarity means a lot when it comes to dry-herbing and this feature means that you needn’t toss out those old faithfuls, as you can now use the Omnivong XL to upgrade your old systems to healthier, more sustainable and more effective alternatives.

Beautiful, simple design

One of the many benefits of the DynaVap Omnivong XL’s innovative, manual heating system is the fact that so much space is conserved within the dimensions of the device itself. What this means is that the Omnivong XL is officially one of the most compact and portable vapes that money can buy. It’s sleek and elegant chassis combines your choice of the highest quality materials in a dry herb vaporizer that literally looks like a pen in your pocket…and is almost as lightweight as a pen too!

What's in the box?

1 x DynaVap OmniVonG XL
1 x DynaVap Storage Tube
1 x Owner’s Manual

DynaVap M Specifications

Manufacturer DynaVap
Vaporizer Type Pen vaporizer
Heat Up Time Around 10 seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty No warranty
Weight 20g
Powered By Butane torch

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Ask a Question
  • Won’t I burn my mouth with the hot vapor?

    You most certainly won’t…the DynaVap OmniVong XL allows you to heat the chamber’s contents using your lighter, after which the device’s, internal tubular condenser will sufficiently cool that flavourful vapor before it reaches your lips. With that said, the OmniVong XL does provide a slightly warm vape when properly heated, perfect for achieving maximum flavour whilst enjoying a medium vapor production.

  • What’s the best lighter to use with my DynaVap Omnivong XL?

    While you may have been a fan of the Clipper or Zippo when you were a smoker, we recommend you invest in a butane torch lighter, with small single, dual or even quadruple flames, for use with the Omnivong XL. It’s not that a conventional flame like a clipper provides won’t do the trick…because it absolutely will, but a torch lighter’s small blue flame is the best for achieving even and full heat in a way that’s fast and won’t cause you to burn your fingers by keeping your lighter burning too long.