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Volcano: The Most Trusted Vaporizer Brand (AKA Storz & Bickel)

Volcano vaporizers have become almost a household name. Most people who have never used a vaporizer before in their life have heard of a Volcano. They are what you think of when you think “vaporizer”.

But you’re probably thinking…

What makes Volcano vaporizers so good?

They are synonymous with impeccable engineering. Ten years ago if you wanted a good vaporizer, you needed a Volcano—there weren’t many other options. By good vaporizer I mean one that actually vaporizes your herb, not burns it.

Other companies have caught up a little bit and have good vaporizers, but Volcano still has the best reputation in the crowded space. They really set the path on which the vaporizer industry followed.

Their fantastic engineering meant that their products stand the test of time. We’ve heard of people who bought Volcanos 10+ years ago and still use them on a daily basis. They may be a little expensive but you get what you pay for.

What are the different type of Volcanos?

The Classic Volcano is the OG version which has a knob to control the temperature. It’s the metal pyramid-looking vaporizer that almost everyone has seen before. It uses a balloon system which fills up with vapor before consumption.

Then came the Volcano Digit vaporizer. This was a step up on the Classic but doesn’t offer any difference in size or vapor quality. The only real difference is the digital LED display. It was groundbreaking when it was first released since it gives you pinpoint accuracy on the temperature.

The company ran with those two for a while and then released three new vaporizers in succession. The industry was moving away from balloon-only vaporizers and towards portable units. They picked up on it.

They released the Plenty in 2008 which is a desktop vaporizer that uses a direct draw system instead of balloon. It has a unique design that some people love and others hate. Either way the vapor quality that it provides is fantastic and it has one of the biggest herb bowls available. It’s a great vaporizer overall.

Two similar looking portable Volcanos were released a few years later in 2014. The technology had become good enough at this point for portable vaporizers to deliver good vapor quality.

The Crafty is the smaller of the two. It’s great because its pocket sized and can go on the road with you but the vapor quality is still up to Volcano standards. It doesn’t have a screen so the Crafty is controlled by an app that you connect to your smartphone.

The Mighty is the bigger brother to the Crafty. When it first came out nobody could believe how good the vapor quality was in it. That stays true today as it is still a very impressive Volcano vaporizer. It is meant for at-home use though because the battery life isn’t great and it’s a little large to carry around with you.

Who makes the Volcano vaporizers?

Volcano vaporizers are made by a company called Storz & Bickel which is a German company based in Tuttlingen, Germany. They have been producing vaporizers since 2002 and are known as world leaders in the industry.

What are Volcano vaporizers used for?

There are a number of uses for Volcano vaporizers. The most common one is to vaporize herbs. That means to heat them up to a point where vapor is released but they are not combusted. Due to the liquid pad attachment you can use them for aromatherapy purposes as well.

If you watch the Netflix show Chef’s Table you may have seen the Volcano Digit on there as well. New age chefs are using vaporizers like Volcano to infuse flavour in to their dishes.

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