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Boundless CFX Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFX is a beast of a vaporizer that comes in at a low price. It’s tough to beat the value you get with the CFX right now with its vapor quality and set of features.

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About the Boundless CFX

​The Boundless CFX is an affordable vaporizer that offers a lot of the features that you might see in a top-end unit. It has an LCD display that shows you temperature and battery life, which makes it very easy to use. It also delivers some nice vapor for a fair price.

Here are a few standout features:

  • It uses a ceramic chamber which means that it can heat up fast and heats your herb evenly. It heats up in under 20 seconds! 
  • The full colour display is impressive, looks great and gives you full temperature control from 38°C-221°C.
  • The Boundless CFX has both DC and USB charging which lets you plug it in to the wall or in to your computer.
  • The battery is quite good and lasts around 90 minutes in use. That gives you a decent number of sessions before you have to recharge.
  • The flavour that the CFX produces is quite good. While it doesn't quite match the Mighty since it relies mainly on conduction heating, you can get some big clouds.

If you're looking for a vaporizer that has all the features but won't break the bank, you won't go wrong with the Boundless CFX. While the flavour won't match up to top-of-the-line vaporizers, it's a great starting point.

The CFX is super easy to use, can handle big bowls, has decent battery life and delivers big clouds. It truly is a beast for its price! Currently it's tough to beat the value you're getting for Boundless vaporizers.

The Boundless CFX placed #8 in our best portable vaporizers list of 2018. 

What's in the box?

1 x Boundless CFX Vaporizer
1 x DC Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Concentrate Pod
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool

Technical Specs
Herbs, Concentrates
Direct mouthpiece
3 Years w/ Boundless (1 year on battery)
Heat Style
Conduction + Convection
Temperature Range
Made In
Performance Specs
Vapor Quality (8.1/10)
Build Quality (8.3/10)
Portability (7.5/10)
Vaporizer typeAt-home portable
Heat up time20 seconds
CompatibilityHerbs, concentrates
Battery life90 minutes in use
Heat styleMostly conduction
Warranty3 years (1 on battery)
Dimensions12.9 x 7 x 3.2 cm
Weight206 g
Delivery methodDirect draw
Powered byBattery
Vapor quality81%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I've been pleasantly surprised at how good the CFX has been. My friend has a Mighty which I've used many times, so I really wanted one. Unfortunately it's way out of my price range. I was lucky enough to come across the Boundless vaporizers. It pretty much performs like my friend's Mighty at a much lower cost. The vapor is great and I'm saving tons of money on the good stuff. The battery life is pretty good too! Overall I'm really happy.

No complaints

Everything has been smooth sailing so far with my CFX. It heats up fast, has a nice screen and lets you pick whatever temperature your heat desires. It's solid overall.