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The Arizer Solo 2 is the newest offering from the Arizer family. It’s a portable vaporizer that doesn’t quite fit in your pocket but does deliver outstanding vapor. The digital LED display makes it a treat to use and it’s built to last.

$329.95 $319.95
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About the Arizer Solo 2

​The Arizer Solo 2 is the new and improved version of the original Solo, which is a legendary vaporizer in its own right. Arizer is known for making high quality vapes and the Solo 2 is no exception.

Here are a few standout features:

  • The battery life of the Arizer Solo 2 is one of the best that we've seen. It runs for about three hours before running out of steam - which is impressive!
  • It has a much faster heat up time than the original Solo and is ready to go in under 20 seconds.
  • Just like other Arizer vaporizers, the Solo 2 has amazing vapor quality, especially for its small size.
  • It's made very durably and might be able to survive if you drop it by mistake. The exterior is made of brushed metal which means it doesn't scratch easily.
  • The digital display is pretty and intuitive to use.

Although the Arizer Solo 2 is portable, it's not exactly a pocketable vaporizer (it's about the size of a Redbull can). You wouldn't want to be carrying around a glass stem in your pocket! That being said, the Solo 2 is great for portable home use. The long lasting battery means you don't have to worry about being near a plug all the time.

The vapor you get from it is nice and smooth due to the glass mouthpiece
 - we wouldn't expect anything else with an Arizer vaporizer.

You choose the temperature of the Arizer Solo 2 with the digital LED display. It allows you to precisely choose a temperature between 50°C-220°C. You can also see what your battery life is at with the display as well.

The Arizer Solo 2 placed #2 in our best portable vaporizers list of 2018.

What's in the box?
1 x Arizer Solo II Vaporizer (AU plug)
1 x Short Straight Glass Stem
1 x Long Straight Glass stem
1 x Potpourri Glass Bowl
2 x Stem Caps
1 x Stir Tool
1 x AC battery charger
1 x Optional Mesh Screen Pack
1 x Instructions / Manual

Technical Specs
Battery Life
3 Hours
2 Years
Heat Style
Convection + Conduction
Temperature Range
Made In
Performance Specs
Vapor Quality (9/10)
Build Quality (9.5/10)
Portability (7/10)


How does the Arizer Solo 2 work?

How do you clean the Arizer Solo 2?

Can the Arizer Solo use wax or oils?

Vaporizer typeAt-home portable
Heat up time20 seconds
Battery life3 hours
Heat styleConduction + convection
Warranty2 years w/ Arizer
Dimensions11.4 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm
Weight210 g
Delivery methodDirect draw
Powered byBattery
Vapor quality90%

Ask a question and join the discussion!

3 months 22 days ago

Hey! I’m trying to decide between picking the Mighty, Crafty, Davinci IQ and the Solo II. From what I’ve been reading the Mighty and the Crafty have had some technical problems recently… is that still happening? I’m looking for the vaporizer that will last the longest. It’s a lot of money to invest but I’m ready to do it for the right one. I’ve been reading that the Arizer Solo II is built really well. Do you think I’d be making the right decision with this one?

3 months 22 days ago

I think the Solo 2 is definitely one of the best vaporizers out right now. It really depends on portability though! The glass mouthpiece makes it pretty clunky to bring around anywhere. If you just want to use it at home then it’s probably the best choice right now! Storz & Bickel does seem to have fixed up any issues with the Mighty and Crafty though so don’t worry about that.

3 months 7 days ago

Does this have the interchangeable mouth pieces like the air 2?

3 months 7 days ago

Yes! It’s the exact same mouth piece as the Air 2 (or original Air/Solo for that matter).

1 month 11 days ago

is this one a USB charge?

1 month 10 days ago

No, it comes with an AU wall plug. Not a USB!

1 month 10 days ago

ah, ok thanks. i need a USB one, I live in a van. what can you recommend at about the same quality?

1 month 10 days ago

I would check out the Boundless CFX. It’s a low priced vaporizer that has USB and delivers really good vapor 🙂


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Arizer Solo 2

This is my first vape and I would highly recommend, the taste is fabulous and it has great cloud, battery life is also pretty good, herb goes a long way


I recently made the switch to vaping and after much research decided on the Canadian-made Arizer Solo II as my first vaporizer, which arrived about a week ago (with very fast delivery and great communication from this seller!).

The Solo II has solid construction, is fairly discreet (I’m still looking for a reasonably priced odorproof travel case, but), easy to load and quick to heat up. It’s design is nifty and it feels super comfortable in your hand.

A big unexpected surprise is the sweet, almost fruity taste of the vapor.... you can really notice slight differences and nuances in different herbs.... for example I can taste a Riesling or moscato flavor in my current botanicals.

I didn’t realize that dry herbs had actual “flavor” aside from that skunky throat burning smell you get with blunts. And that’s another bonus btw, no killer throat pain, and virtually no odor when you exhale. Just a nice cool smooth draw in and those tasty sweet vapes.

BIGGEST PLUS: because the Solo II heats my herbs so evenly and slowly, I find just a pea-sized bud lasts for ages, and is all I need to get me going. Before my Solo II, I would have packed 5x that amount into a big blunt mixed with tobacco which would burn up in about 10 mins. Now I’m using a fraction of what I used in the past. With less $ being spent on botanicals, and now NO TOBACCO, I have so much extra $ Im saving to go to Canada myself.

Some constructive comments. The belt-case thing it comes with is not very useful at all. Too small, doesn’t fit the kit properly. Also, the instruction manual and Arizer demo video seems targeted towards the experienced vaper. I was not, and had to watch the freakin’ video 20 times to “get it”. And THEN teach myself to vape effectively. But now that I’ve got it, it’s so easy and there is no going back. This little Canadian beauty has changed my life.


Arrived on time, new, intact, in box etc. - no dramas. Have only used twice and works within manufacturers design limitations i.e. restricted flow. Haven't used another style vape to compare - only viewed them on video reviews. Believe there may be less restricted vapes around, though can't be sure??


Overall it's very very good!

The only issue is that the metal filters don't fit like they should (to big). Overall build quality is amazing and love it! Had a few other vapes in the past and this is by far the best solid vape I've owned.

Love having it on my desk with lavender slowly cooking in the small jar one.

Quality vape

I decided on the airizer ll after being impressed by a friends first gen arizer which is still going strong 4 years into daily use. I was happy to find that the build quality and airflow have only improved in the second generation airizer. The battery life is outstanding and I honestly have nothing negative to say about the product. If you want a vaporizer that will withstand heavy use for years, go for this one.


i've had a few vapes and the solo 2 is my favourite by far. i've had a mighty and it was way to plasticy for me! the solo's flavour is way better because you inhale through glass and not plastic. it's super well built too. honestly so happy with it right now.


I just got my arizer 2 a week ago and it's been going offff! It hits harder than anything else that I've used. I've also been testing the battery life and it's insane! It's only been charged one time and I still have a little bit of juice left in it. The glass mouth piece is nice to pull from and everything about it is awesome. Just loving it so far.

This is my third vaporizer and my favourite yet!

This is my third vaporizer and my favourite yet! The battery life is wicked on it which is a big upgrade from my magic flight. I can get some pretty nice clouds with the Arizer 2 too. The vapor that comes out is nice and cool which is great.

Just watch out because it does have glass pieces. I'm using it mainly around the house so that's not a problem but don't expect to take it on hikes or anything like that.

It's a pretty awesome vaporizer!