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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

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The Arizer Air 2 is a compact vaporizer that is much improved over the original. It features an OLED screen, offers swappable batteries and has incredible vapor quality for its size.

$309.95 $279.95
Colour Carbon Black Mystic Blue
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About the Arizer Air 2

​The Arizer Air 2 is an improved version of the popular Arizer Air vaporizer. It's got an improved OLED screen, more temperature control and a better battery life over the original (all while keeping vapor quality very high). The Air 2 is one of the best vaporizers you can buy for its size.

Here are a few standout features:

  • The Arizer Air 2 is very compact. While you can't really throw it in your pocket due to the glass mouthpiece, its small size is impressive.
  • While the glass may break if you're not careful, it's used for a reason. The glass mouthpiece delivers smoother and cooler vapor than any plastic alternative.
  • It features a removable battery, which means that you can carry extras when you need some extra power.
  • The Air 2 combines both convection and conduction together to heat your herbs more consistently, giving you a better and tastier flavour over other vaporizers.
  • There is a beautiful OLED display with full spectrum temperature control which is a big improvement over the original.
  • It charges with Micro USB, so you don't have to worry about losing your Arizer charger.

The Arizer Air 2 is a big improvement upon its predecessor and proves why Arizer is one of the best in the business. If you're searching for a compact vaporizer that delivers delicious vapor you're definitely in the right place. 

If you don't care too much about portability and want better battery life and faster heat up time, take a peek at the Arizer Solo 2 instead. 

The Arizer Air 2 (sort of) placed #2 in our best portable vaporizers list of 2018. 

What's in the box?
1 x Arizer Air 2
1 x 18650 3200mah Battery
1 x 70mm Glass Stem
1 x 70mm Tipped Glass Stem
1 x USB Charger/Power Adapter
1 x Glass Aroma Dish
2 x Silicone Stem Caps
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
4 x Screens
1 x Belt-Clip Carrying Case
1 x Owner’s Manual

Technical Specs
Battery Life
75 Minutes
2 Years
Heat Style
Convection + Conduction
Temperature Range
Made In
Performance Specs
Vapor Quality (8.9/10)
Build Quality (9.2/10)
Portability (8.2/10)
Vaporizer typeAt-home portable
Heat up time90 seconds
Battery life75 minutes
Heat styleConduction + convection
Warranty2 years w/ Arizer
Dimensions12.4 x 2.9 cm
Weight116 g
Delivery methodDirect draw
Powered byBattery
Vapor quality89%

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Customer Reviews

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Simply awesome

So I gave this to a mate for his birthday ... yeah I’m good. So anyway he always used to punish the airizer air 1 while we play pubg, telling me how great it is. So he gets it for his bday it’s 1am and we are back at his place and have both versions going. The air 2 was so smooth, it’s just the bees knees, do yourself a favour, grab one for no regrets.